Sunday, September 26, 2010

Football player scores both ways on field

It had been a little over four years since the last time anyone else did it, but given the opportunity Saturday at Notre Dame, it only took Stanford fullback/inside linebacker Owen Marecic 13 seconds to score touchdowns on offense and defense to put the Irish away in the fourth quarter:

The last guy to score on offense and defense in the same game, Utah safety Eric Weddle, only took 32 seconds to turn the trick in a win over San Diego State back in 2006. Of course, Doak Walker still thinks all these facemask-wearin' pretty boys are just sissyin' it up out there with their "passing game" and "water breaks," even if Marecic (unlike Weddle and other dabblers on offense, a la Charles Woodson in his 1997 Heisman season) does qualify as a true, old-school iron man by holding down full-time starting jobs on both sides.
His two-way role is one sign of weakness for Stanford: Lack of depth, especially on defense.


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